Basic Reflexology Course for Beginners


What will be covered:

Come and learn first hand how offering a Reflexology session to someone in need is so beneficial and at the same time healing: – Understand that there are points on the feet and the hands which correspond to organs, systems and structures within the entire body. – Learn what is a ‘reflex’, and when stimulated it brings upon a response in another point or area of the feet and body. – Discover that by using special pressure techniques (Thumb Walking) you can stimulate the points on the feet and hands that may be causing the imbalances in the tissues, organs and systems of the body. – Understand the basic knowledge of where the organs and structures are located on the feet that correspond to the body.

Learn how to do a full session to enhance healing in someone seeking help  as a natural therapy Reflexology uses only the techniques of human touch and interaction to bring about it’s results. It seeks to work with the body’s natural, or innate healing efforts.

As a holistic therapy Reflexology shares an approach to health and the healing of disease common to other complementary disciplines such as homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal medicine and more.

Reflexology recognizes that there are correspondences between points on the feet and hands and in the organs and systems and structures in the body as a whole. These links we call ‘reflexes’ are not visible or verifiable in anatomy and physiology nor by scientific equipment. But we however know the effectiveness of these relationships because in practical experience over many decades thousands of users of Reflexology observed the effects.  Starting with Dr. William Fitzgerald who identified longitudinal zone lines of energy in the body through which responses to stimuli could be evoked and continuing with the work of Eunice Ingham and others, we have learnt that working certain reflexes has a beneficial healing effect on the corresponding organs. Such energetic reflexes cannot be seen or measured, but they definitely exist because contacting them gets results.