A great start to February already and I am sure a lot of you had a chance to get beautiful pictures on 31st January of the Blue Moon and the eclipse. What an amazing sight, we are truly blessed.

I want to thank all of you who had sessions with me during the month of January for my incentive to help different charities here in the UAE. A total of AED14575.00 was collected and will be distributed to the various charities that I support.  So a BIG THANK YOU to all that supported my cause, I am forever grateful. Thank you. Pictures have been posted. It is such a pleasure to see the faces of these organizations who rely on people like you to support them.

With the start of February I have decided to offer packages for the months of February and March as you can see below.  Clients often see results and benefits when they come in for regular sessions.  I highly recommend that if you have water retention, edema, feel sluggish with your circulation, than Manual Lymphatic Drainage is one of the best sessions that can support you, plus it helps to detoxify the body and boost your immune system. For stress related issues, fatigue and emotional issues Aromatherapy treatments are great. If there is a health issue that you are unable to move or uncertain what it might be and you feel low than daily sessions of Jin Shin Jyutsu will make that shift happen. Whatever it may be, emotionally, digestively, spiritually and more. For some who are not interested in  receiving massages, than Clinical Reflexology can help to relief a multitude of health issues and bring the body back to equilibrium.

My favorite is Regression sessions where one can go into childhood, in utero or perhaps the past  to unfold the mysteries that cause us discomforts in life.  Using Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology (Dr. Brian Weiss work) in helping the recipient make that shift, is one of the most powerful treatments I have come across personally.

All packages are valid for three months from date of purchase and I look forward to seeing some of you.

On 24th February we will have a one day class on ‘The Art of Blending’ where you will learn 10 essential oils and their benefits and uses, plus 2 base oils.  At the end of the class each student will make a 10ml blend of their choice to take home. A fun interactive class, not to be missed. Registrations a must.

I am presently in Bangkok enjoying the exciting events of my niece’s wedding. Beautiful family gathering and bonding time.  Feel so blessed and grateful. Take care everyone and stay safe.

Sunita Teckchand
Integrated Holistic Therapist
Principal Tutor
External Examiner – IFPA 

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