We are in July now and time is passing by quickly and with that the heat is rising.  Did you ever think that the temperatures around the world could change so much in Dubai the temperatures are soaring to 45 degrees celsius and we have not reached August yet where the humidity hits it’s peak. Lucky for air-conditioning and being indoors otherwise it’s heat stroke after heat stroke…. So please keep hydrated.

A lot of people have left for their summer vacations, schools are closed and there seems to be a kind of emptiness around.  Summer for me is a time to reflect and relax and have some quality family time. My youngest daughter graduates next week so we are off to London where temperatures are reaching 30 degrees which is hot hot hot. I love London during this time, it’s so lovely, the flowers are in full bloom and there is a lovely energy about that place.

I do hope all of you who are leaving for the summer please take care of your health, specially from sunstrokes and heat rashes, a couple of good remedies for that are:

Sun Burn: Lavender 9 drops in a full bath with cool water and soak for 15 minutes and after use a unadulterated body lotion i.e 20 ml for full body application, add 4 drops of Lavender and 4 drops of Roman Chamomile and apply liberally all over and cool off. This can be repeated daily until the sun burn has lessened.

Heat Rash:  They occur from too much sun exposure and heat, you get small acne type pustules around the neck and chest area. For this use Calamine lotion 10 ml with 4 drops Lavender and 4 drops Roman Chamomile and apply.  If the heat is too much instead of Roman Chamomile use Peppermint, that will immediately give a cooling effect to the skin.  For both the above blends if using on children under 12 please use half the dosage. No point having heat strokes and too much sun as it does cause severe damage to the skin and little ones are more prone to getting them.  Be safe.

For July and August I am offering Clinical Reflexology at a discounted rate so do take advantage of that.  I have also introduced a lovely treatment ‘Ultimate Indulgence’ which I used to offer at my centre in Jumeira before and thought since a lot of people are more inclined and interested in Aromatherapy, let me offer this beautiful 1.30 hour treatment for a total and complete relaxation at an introductory price, so do take advantage of this, offer ends last day of August.

November is around the corner as well and the 5 Day Jin Shin Jyutsu class with Cynthia will take place in Hong Kong followed by the 3 day Special Topic Class on ‘Pulse Listening’. Cynthia is an amazing teacher with a clear vision on sharing her message on this art. So do book in as Early Bird discount ends 16th August. This is happening in my favorite city in the world Hong Kong. I welcome you to join.

Happy Summer Holidays, stay safe and keep smiling…

Sunita Teckchand
Integrated Holistic Therapist
Principal Tutor
External Examiner – IFPA 

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