A lot of people are falling ill with colds, fever, coughs, its quite frustrating when your child comes back from school with the influenza virus which is spreads quite rapidly. In fact schools have told parents not to send their child to school even if they have a small cough!!!  Well you can’t blame them as it is quite severe and the recovery period is quite long and it really shatters the immune system.  Besides all the negative symptoms parents seeing their children in such a bad state is a sad thing.

I would like to speak about how essential oils can help prevent us from getting these viruses as more and more new strains are coming out. An amazing essential oil that comes to my mind right away is Ravensara aromatica this beautiful plant from the Lauraceae family comes from Madagascar and is known as ‘the oil that heals’. It has some amazing properties, its anti-allergic, anti-asthmatic and anti-infectious. In fact this oil is a powerful immune stimulant, excellent for glandular fever, to counter viral and bacterial infections, typhus and chicken pox.

Besides being a great immune boosting oil Ravensara aromatica also helps treat cervical and other neurological-muscular problems. It is very safe to use on children from 3 years of age with the correct dilution rate. A great preventative blend to use for children and adults would be Ravensara aromatica, Lemon and Lavender. Blend these with any cold pressed base oil like Jojoba and do gentle back rubs daily to boost the immunity and ward off getting viruses.

If your immune system is strong you will not catch these bugs so easily and it also helps to protect the children. Try it to belief it that’s the best way.

I shall be offering a Masterclass in ‘Exotic Perfume Making’ using pure organic essential oils, students will learn many different ways to create that special fragrance they would like to use for themselves. It will be a fun class do join in.

Well Hong Kong is around the corner and I do look forward to seeing some of my old clients and students and catch up with other fun workshops, one of which is a first time one day class of ‘Jin Shin Jyutsu’ The Art of Happiness on 21st April 2018 in central Hong Kong. Hope to see some of you there 

Wishing you all an amazing March and fantastic April… 

Sunita Teckchand
Integrated Holistic Therapist
Principal Tutor
External Examiner – IFPA     

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