The Human body is socially conditioned to ignore biological signs that protect him or her from exhaustion and fatigue. All too often the fatigue that warns them against going on any further and protects them from exhaustion is pushed aside heroically, or it may be a sense of duty or the circumstances of their responsibilities prevent them from taking need to the warnings.

Whatever the reason pushing you beyond the limits of healthy fatigue over a period of time leads to a gradual break down of body systems. Having body awareness is being able to chart the difference between extending and over-extending ourselves. The problem with this whole subject is that once we have become exhausted it is difficult to recognize that things have gone too far. We blame the escalated problems, frayed tempers, and fractured relationships on other things.

You can be pretty sure at this stage you are heading for trouble when you find you have no reserves for unexpected situations. Even something as simple as a phone call ringing, again, can seem like a huge aggravation. Your goodwill seems to be wearing very thin indeed, but you may experience it as a feeling that the world is full of idiots and incompetents. Some people get into the state of being unable to distinguish between what is good for them and what is bad for them, and this situation of turning in circles and getting giddy brings an unnerving sense of Lack of control.

A common sign that things are not as they should be comes when your wife/husband asks you to do some simple chores, and you think they’d asked you to climb Mount Everest. Every little molehill has become a mountain. By asking you to do these insurmountable tasks, your other half is seen to be picking at your self-esteem. Naturally this causes more friction in the family unit, arguments become commonplace, sleep becomes impossible, relationships dwindle and things become sometimes unbearable. “You are impossible to live with” says the wife. “My wife does not understand me” says the husband.

A crucial factor in this grim scenario is the pressure imposed by society on man and women that they are always there to handle life’s problems. If unemployment is part of the process than mental ill-health is greatest especially for men when they are unemployed, and people who drink to escape this problem are more likely to seek psychiatric help.

Denying that problems exist is a common practice mostly with men, and it is a well-known fact that men find sharing their emotional problems difficult. This is a complex subject to do with the way our society is structured. In the Royal College of Psychiatrists Dr. Jim Birley says “Suicide is the second most common cause of death in young men after accidents”. Five men under 35 kill themselves compared to one woman in the same age group. Over all ages the ratio is two to one, with 3000 men deaths a year compared to 1500 female deaths per year. In the last 10 years the incidence of suicide in men between 35 and 40 has risen by 46 % compared to a decline in the figures for women of 6%. Clearly men do find it difficult to cope with life, even if they present a tough exterior to the world.

However both men and women have to cope so why not admit it? You sometimes feel anxiety, rage and despair. You are tired: tired of trying to succeed, tired of feeling responsible for feeding the family, tired of younger people being promoted over you, tired of watching other people accumulate consumer goods, tired of feeling like a loser, tired of trying to maintain success, tired of the job, tired of looking for a job!, just tired, tired, tired!

Mental and physical exhaustion manifests itself in different ways. Common manifestations are angina pectoris, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, fluid retention, ulcers, and bowels disorders, breathing problems, hyperventilation and inexplicable pains. The problem is that the lifestyle can become addictive.  Beta-blockers are often prescribed in these situations, do not provide an answer to the fundamental exhaustion, and so far more use is the awareness to recognize the symptoms for what they are. Looking at how family and friends react to you is also helpful. If they jump every time you enter the room, you know that it may be time to slow down.

Pushing yourself beyond the limit to get the house cleaned, take care of the kids, have a career is very commendable, but is it worth it if it makes you grumpy, that nobody dares talk to you? Think about the pain you have in the leg, or back, it may have to do a lot more from sheer exhaustion then rheumatic problems.

Relaxation is the key word, but without help it is easier said than done. For someone in an exhausted state massage provides a particularly good way of relaxing, although it may take six or more sessions for relaxation to be complete. Using essential oils not only helps the body to cope but enables an exhausted person to sleep so that reserves of energy may be put back. A rested person is also better able to deal with emotional situations and can avoid the dramatic emotional swings characteristic of the exhausted state.
Below is a blend for tackling exhaustion in the first level:
Vetiver               2
Frankincense      5
Bergamot            5
Marjoram Sweet   8
Clary Sage           5
Cape Chamomile  5
Blend all the above in 30 ml of cold pressed vegetable oil
Apply over your chest and upper back and soles of your feet and inhale the blend from your hands deeply. Do this just before bedtime.

Exhaustion is not overcome by stimulating the body further.  The key to regaining a normal state of affairs lies in using oils that work through the nervous system to calm and relax.  This is the first step, and the process of de-programming takes place, so it takes time, do not expect miracles overnight. 
Blend for tackling exhaustion second step:
Lemon                                10
Rosemary                           10
Basil                                    8
Lavender                              2
Blend this is 30 ml of cold pressed vegetable oil
Apply this in the mornings after your shower over the chest and upper back area and the soles of the feet (if possible) again inhale the blend deeply after application to get it into your olfactory system.
If you suffer from High blood pressure do NOT use Rosemary and Basil instead use 10 drops Grapefruit to substitute Rosemary and 5 drops Black Pepper to substitute Basil.
Using the second step in the mornings as it will revive you and keep you going and not feel tired and exhausted.
Remember that exhaustion can lead to hypertension or hypo-tension and that is not good as these will lead to other serious conditions. Try to use Aromatherapy as a way to combat exhaustion and live life to the fullest. Nature’s pharmacy is the best way to keep us going!
Sunita Teckchand
Principal Tutor
Integrated Holistic Therapist