January 2016 has really started with a big bang! I have offered all my clients a 50% discount from 16th to 31st January and have received an amazing response from old and new clients… Thank you for the support. What I noticed is a lot of people want to experience a regression session, so they can shed off the old and really live in the NOW with the new energies of this year. Since I studied with the master himself of Regression Therapy Dr. Brian Weiss, I am able to use hypnotherapy to such profound levels that the results are quite phenomenal. I feel truly blessed to be able to do this work and will continue with my education with this amazing mentor.

I have also received a lot of calls with people asking for short courses in Holistic Therapies, hence I have put together some fun classes for February, a lot revolving around Aromatherapy, as there suddenly seems to be a surge of interest in learning about essential oils and their value and properties in dealing with day to day stresses. I would also love to hear from you as to what you might like to study and learn, so I can put together a fun class and we can all connect and enjoy.

I am still teaching the full IFPA curriculum and the course is open to students interested to become Internationally qualified Clinical Aromatherapists, please log into my website for those details and contact me if you would like more information. It seems like a big commitment and a lot to do, but belief me if you are looking for a career change or add on to your existing career, this course is great.

I am so looking forward to this year unfolding as I know deep inside that there will be a lot to look forward to. Please look out for short classes and other fun things for February and I sincerely look forward to meet you and connect. April is around the corner too and I am doing some amazing classes at Shakti Healing Centre and Asia Pacific Aromatherapy Ltd., in Hong Kong, so all my Hong Kong connections do stay tuned…

Wishing you all well and hope that you all have had an amazing start to the year and fulfilling all aspects of what you have envisioned for yourselves.

Sending you all warm wishes

Sunita Teckchand
Principal Tutor
Integrated Holistic Therapist

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