My journey into the beautiful and magical art of Jin Shin Jyutsu ® commenced in the year 2000. This was a time where I was busy in my work as a Clinical Aromatherapist and doing other alternative therapies in my centre which i opened in Dubai in 1999. However there were certain things I could not achieve alone with Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Kinesiology, plus one of my kids developed vitiligo and I was running across the world to find a cure for that condition which comes under auto-immune disorders, and is to do with the melanin factor in our skin.  A lot of you might have heard about this debility as Michael Jackson had it and went all white, and was a strong voice for this disharmony. Unfortunately you can see adverts with dermatologists claiming it is curable with light therapy and laser, belief me it is NOT.  I have been through it all with my child.

Since I was going through all this upheaval in my own personal life a friend approached me and said that there is a course coming up in Dubai which you should join and it might help your daughter.  Well my tentacles went up and I was on high alert hearing that it could help ‘my daughter’.  Obviously I joined the class to learn what it was all about.  It was a 5 day Jin Shin Jyutsu class with a Instructor coming from USA to teach us. 5 days was a lot for me to leave my centre behind and learn this modality but obviously if this could help my daughter than nothing else really mattered.  So I signed up.

As a skeptic i entered the classroom on Day 1 and i think Jed the Instructor saw that skepticism on my face and as we were exchanging treatments and learning about this art, he came from nowhere and placed his hands on my back and little toe. I screamed so loud that there was pin drop silence in the classroom and I had tears rolling down my face as it was hurting me so much. After about 8 to 10 minutes the pain that was excruciating in  my back just ‘melted’ away and I could breathe and feel real again.  I guess Jed knew that I was having back issues and was stressed out about something that caused my back to tense so much. Well all I can say is WOW, after that 10 minute session melting the tension and pain away I was awestruck by what just happened to me and said to myself this is not possible.  I quickly changed  my thought pattern and said it works and if this small session can work to alleviate my back project, it would definitely help my child, and that was it. A huge awakening occurred within myself and i was smiling and so thankful and grateful to this friend who pushed me to do this first class.

I cannot even begin to describe the power of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Being a practitioner now for so many years the amazing results I have seen with my clients, friends and family is sometimes unbelievable.  For me my belief system is as long as it works and it’s natural and all I need for this is my hands and my breathe, well thats good for me.  So  hello guys what are we all waiting for? This ancient therapy is coming from 712 A.D before Buddha, before the birth of Moses and before the Kojiki (Japan). I will be offering a 30% discount on the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu for the month of October for those who would like to experience a session and learn some self-help to take back with you. October 21st and 28th I will be teaching a Jin Shin Jyutsu 2 Day self-help class, spilt over 2 Saturdays where you receive 3 self-help books and work on self and each other to understand the depth this art has to offer, so do join if you can.

On the last note my daughter is 80% clear of vitiligo today after years of treatment and homeopathy medication.  For me I am grateful to my teachers and the Jin Shin Jyutsu community worldwide for their support and help in changing my thoughts and belief in this magical art.

Sending you all tons of blessings…

Sunita Teckchand
Integrated Holistic Therapist
Principal Tutor    

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