Ear Coning Course

Is an ancient technique that has been passed down centuries by cultures in India, China, Tibet and Egypt. Today it has been rediscovered and understood as an effective preventative measure for stress and pain relief. It is an effective remedy for removing implanted ear wax and clearing accumulated debris on nerve endings. It involves the use of a hollow spiraled cone made from natural unbleached cotton and 100% beeswax and herb oils. The benefits are plenty, as it helps clear blocked sinuses, pressure headaches, lessens snoring, great for swimmers ears and helps sharpen mental functions. The student will learn the anatomy of the ear, and learn how to perform the sequence for the ear candling, understanding contraindications and how it may help your client. 3 Case studies must be done for each client 3 times, and a 1 hour exam paper to be completed upon learning to enable the person to get their certificate from Canada.

(16 hours) 3800AED for individual class, 3200AED for 2 or more students (with International Certification from Canada)
ear coning