Hong Kong Asia Pacific Aromatherapy


Private Session: Past Life Regression – Dr. Brian Weiss Work
HK$2000 for 1.5/2 hour session

People who would like to undergo a regression therapy (past and present) normally are the ones who are seeking answers to repeated patterns that occur in their day to day lives.

Some indication of repeated patterns could be a reoccurring nightmare or dream, regular migraines/headaches, repetitive thoughts of the same thing, always reflecting on the past. A nagging certainty that you have been there and done that and want to know why. Sometimes there is no reason as to why one would want to have a regression, it is just about wanting to be more clear in ones path in life and let go of negative emotions. Some people come for curiosity as to know what they might have been in their past life. However it is better to come when you have a recurring problem that needs some intervention and answers.

This 2 hour session is for a person who keeps repeating patterns in their lives, have too much fear, uncertainty for the future, grief and sadness, lack of confidence and so much more. These sessions are targeted for anyone who would like to receive clarity and direction in their life and to move forward towards their goals. Using the amazing art of Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy (Dr. Brian Weiss Work), Time-Line Therapy and NLP one can get a very clear picture of the direction they need to follow. A very powerful and interactive session.

Basic Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Course:

Due to the nature and role of the Lymphatic system, it can prove beneficial in the correction of numerous conditions, as well as a powerful tool in preventative health maintenance. LMD works to recirculate lymphatic flow, activate fluid circulation and stimulate the functioning of the immune system. It helps with reduction of edema, it helps to detoxify the body of toxins. It is also very helpful for pre and post-surgery, anti-ageing effects, chronic pain and much more.

In this class you will cover some theory on the way the Lymphatic system functions and the variations of strokes that help move lymph to the drainage points. Understanding clearly where to clean the body towards specific lymph nodes. Handouts will be given in this informative class.

· This class is open to ALL even though you have no previous experience of massage. A great self-help tool for oneself wanting to learn.

Basic Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage Course:

In this class the student will learn:

The fundamentals of pregnancy

The contraindications to treatment, i.e. when it is safe to start treatment

Contraindication to the use of certain essential oils during pregnancy

Method of treatment, using ease and comfort for the client. Position of the client, sitting and lying down. Position of the therapist, strokes that the therapist can use. Contraindications to pressure and much more.

Handouts will be given with recipes for safety during pregnancy

Clearing your emotions through Aromatherapy:
HK$650.00 (inclusive of a 10 ml blend)

Have you ever wondered that using essential oils in clearing emotional patterns has been beneficial and helpful for so many people? Why not come and join this class and learn which essential oils can help to treat certain emotional conditions. This class with teach you how to prepare blends with recipes for these conditions. These natural remedies definitely beat using chemicals and internal medication, it is used as a preventative method. Handouts will be given during the session.

15th April – Friday ‘Balancing your Emotions Through Aromatherapy’ – 2 to 5 pm – 3 Hours  (HK$650.00 including a 10ml self-made blend) 10% discount for APA students

Aromatherapy through your Pregnancy

Today mothers are given a choice on how she wants to give birth. Today the same staff who can at a moments’ notice help perform an emergency C-section by epidural, can also be found scenting a room with Jasmine or Lavender and massaging the mothers back with aromatic oils.

Even if the mother-to-be has decided that she wants the full benefits of modern medicine when giving birth. Essential oils can still be of enormous help, especially if you want a natural birth. During labor some of them will be especially helpful.

For scenting the labor room chooses oils that will be helpful and the aromas that will help calm and soothe the mother-to-be.

Feedback says that patients who use essential oils throughout their pregnancy get the best results from Aromatherapy during labor. As the mothers who have used it before, know what to expect and are calmed by the smell as soon as they reach the unit. They don’t need to waste time grasping the concept of them, whereas mothers experiencing oils for the first time still get relief from the pain with the massages, but they don’t understand immediately that the smell of the oils can be calming at a time when they may be in distress. So if they are planning to use essential oils at any stage of the labor, it is best to be familiar with them before-hand.

Essential oils like Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Clary Sage are very useful during these stages. Massage is only advised after the first Trimester of Pregnancy and continued into the time of labor. Many women are now opting to use Aromatherapy for pain killing effects instead of drugs and epidural, and this has been proven that it works. In France and England a lot of women going into labor choose essential oils as a way to help them through the birth. Jasmine is so useful at the last stages at it actually eliminates the placenta (the After Birth)

Why not come and learn how you can help yourself through your pregnancy or maybe a friends by attending this short course which teaches one a lot in times when we are bringing new life into the world.

· Bookings for this class need to be made at least 5 days in advance to secure a place

Jin Shin Jyutsu ® 2 Day Self-Help Course
HK$ 3480.00

For the first time in Hong Kong APA will offer a self-help class in ‘The Art of Happiness’ Jin Shin Jyutsu with CANTONESE translation

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese practice that balances the body’s energy by using the fingers and hands to eliminate stress, create emotional equilibrium, relieve pain and alleviate chronic and acute conditions. It helps remind us that every one of us possess the simplest instruments needed to bring about harmonious balance – the breath and the hands. In this 2 day workshop you will study from the 3 self-help books written by Mary Burmeister. Students will work on themselves, learn and understand the meaning of the ‘Safety Energy Locks’, learn how to locate them on their body, their meaning and much more. A truly Magical experience!!!

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient oriental art of harmonizing life energy within the body. The teachings of Jin Shin Jyutsu embody all aspects of our being—body, mind and spirit. It balances the body’s energy by using the fingers and hands to eliminate stress, create emotional equilibrium, relive pain and alleviate chronic and acute illness.

Jin Shin Jyutsu means “The Art of Creator through the person of compassion”. Ancient people used to heal themselves and other with the help of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Deeply relaxing and energizing, Jin Shin Jyutsu is magical for all ages from the new-born to the elderly, whether you are wishing to treat an existing health issue or simply maintain optimum health and equilibrium. Jin Shin Jyutsu can harmonize any health issue and self-help tools are usually offered at the conclusion of the class, so that the benefits of this harmonizing art can be experienced on a daily basis.

A 2 day Self Help will enhance you with:

– Increase your energy & clarity of thinking
– Reduces aches and pains caused by body disharmonies
– Boosts Immune System and complexion
– Reduces pain from chronic illness – arthritis, chronic fatigue etc..
– Reduce depression and migraine
– Reduce stress
– Creates emotional equilibrium


** If people take BOTH classes Aromatherapy and Pregnancy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage they pay a bundle price of HK$2475.00 and APA students pay HK$2103.00