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Baby Massage:

All babies loved to be touched, strolled and massaged. For parents it is a natural bonding with their new child.
Learning to massage your child can be an important start to a daily routine, which will lead to genuine empathy and love between parents and child. Once the child is used to the massage, she/he will associate that with he parents total attention and recognize it is a valuable gift of love. Early emotional benefit gained by massage includes security, love comfort and stability. Through massage children can learn to love themselves. They appreciate their bodies. Massage from a very early age can help to com……self –esteem aid encourage healthy self-love.
The health benefits of massage are numerous even without adding essential oil in. Massage increases long capacity. Increased long capacity is vital to the cellular health of the body, because the more oxygen a child can take in the better the cell regeneration. A child will also benefit from smooth skin- Vegetable carrier oil are very healing and nourishing to developing skin. This leads t o fewer skin problems in later life and can dramatically reduce existing ones like psoriasis, eczema, acne and dermatis.
Massage is great for the nervous system, the digestive system. Gentle massage on the abdomen can be very effective, and can help alleviate problems such as constipation, diarrhea or nausea.

There are many other wonderful benefits for massage.

– Relief of mental, physical fatigue includes deep relaxation.
– Improved mobility.
– Promotion of correct posture.
– Reduction of inflammation aid pain.
– Improvement of circulation of blood and lymph.
– Elimilation via the lymphatic system.

Much can be achieved by giving up even 5 minutes of your time to massage your child. If she loves it give her more time- 15 to 20 minutes. It is beneficial to let your child rest afterwards (covered with a blanket). He/She may even go to sleep.

The word massage originally comes from a Greek word meaning “ to gread” massage is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body.

There are no fast rules on how to massage your child, just use simple effleurage (long strokes), or just plain rubbing movements, whether your intuition tells you to do, follow that, because that is the right thing. A parent’s instinct is one nobody can argue with.

Just remember when you start massaging the baby, the room should be warm, keep to the same time schedule, use cold pressed vegetable oils like sweet almond, Jojoba, Soya. My choice is Jojoba as it contains the same constituents as our own sebum.

Use a small amount of oil to start with, get into a good rhythm make sure your apply on the whole body including the scalp (avoid face) long, slow movements are nice and comfortable. Soon you and your baby will be in …… with one another and that special will just become stronger.