Pre Natal and Post Natal Aromatherapy Treatments

Prenatal Aromatherapy Treatments:

Prenatal Aromatherapy treatments can commence after the first trimester of a healthy pregnancy. This is a good time to start these treatments before it becomes too late as using safe essential oils and having these type of treatments will help the mum to be more relaxed, pain free, stress free, comfortable and of course to take the edge off the nervousness, specially if it is the first pregnancy. Excellent for the mums health and of course the child, as essential oils help to boost the immune system, make the skin more supple hence no stretch marks, makes one tranquil and easy to fall asleep at night, and many other issues.

Commencing a pre-natal massage will require a full lifestyle and health consultation to make sure there are no complications, no allergies and no sensitivities to certain products. Working with the client to help them through the pregnancy ie emotional issues, any physical issues that may occur during the pregnancy and more. Many women who opt for giving birth without epidural or general anesthetic can actually give birth the normal way and bring their child out into the world of Aromatherapy. It is a very natural safe method then taking drugs.


Post Natal Aromatherapy Treatments:

Postnatal Aromatherapy sessions can commence after the delivery of the child, pretty much immediately (if it is a natural delivery – C-sections will require one month). It will support the mother to lactate better, take away all the aches and pain from the body, make one’s mood better and more excepting of the sudden change of circumstances and life (with a new born baby). Essential oils can be used for a multitude of issues i.e. healing the perineum, mastitis, stretch marks, weight loss, water retention, emotional issues and much more.

It helps the body to regain back it’s strength and go back to normality with hormones and changes quite quickly. Again the use of essential oils will be safe and breast-feeding will be the upmost priority to make sure that only safe essential oils are used while the mum is still feeding. Again and very natural and safe way of using alternative therapy to help with a multitude of conditions for both mother and child.