People who would like to undergo a regression therapy (past and present) normally are the ones who are seeking answers to repeated patterns that occur in their day to day lives.

Some indication of repeated patterns could be a reoccurring nightmare or dream, regular migraines/headaches, repetitive thoughts of the same thing, always reflecting on the past. A nagging certainty that you have been there and done that and want to know why. Sometimes there is no reason as to why one would want to have a regression, it is just about wanting to be more clear in ones path in life and let go of negative emotions. Some people come for curiosity as to know what they might have been in their past life. However it is better to come when you have a recurring problem that needs some intervention and answers.

This 2 hour session is for a person who keeps repeating patterns in their lives, have too much fear, uncertainty for the future, grief and sadness, lack of confidence and so much more. These sessions are targeted for anyone who would like to receive clarity and direction in their life and to move forward towards their goals. Using the amazing art of Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy (Dr. Brian Weiss Work), Time-Line Therapy and  NLP  one can get a very clear picture of the direction they need to follow. A very powerful and interactive session.

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