Scalp Massage Course HONG KONG

With the water so hard in almost all parts of the world, it is no wonder that people start losing their hair. Thinning and weakness takes place. Learn the basic fundamentals of a scalp treatment and how it can help enhance your hair and the scalps of many people you could help. Learning how to give a basic thorough scalp massage is not only fun but very beneficial to the receiver who will surely fall into a deep state of relaxation. With our minds working the whole day, receiving and learning how to give a good scalp massage could be something that one would need at the end of each day. Not only will it keep your scalp healthy but the hair will definitely grow more luscious and stronger.

– Learn which are the best essential oils and base oils to use for your scalp and what nutritional factors are required for a healthy scalp

– Recipes will be given for Dry hair, Greasy hair, Fragile hair, Thinning hair and Hair loss, plus Dandruff

– Come and learn first-hand with a Clinical Aromatherapist on how to give a professional scalp massage and receive some great tips and tools on the use of Aromatherapy to treat scalp conditions

– This is a practical class where students will work on one another. Handouts will be given