Sessions with Sunita

Private Sessions with Sunita

Being a Certified Integrated Alternative Therapist, I offer the following sessions that may be of interest to you:

– Clinical Aromatherapy
– Clinical Reflexology
– Ear Coning
– Jin Shin Jyutsu®
– Manual Lymphatic Drainage
– Regression

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clinical aromatherapy
This 1 hour 15 minute treatment offers a client a very personalized treatment with her therapist, whereby a full lifestyle consultation is taken to ensure there are no contraindications to receiving a treatment. Aromatherapy massage is best suitable for anyone suffering from any form of aches and pains, people who want some immune boosting, someone feeling low on energy and needs a re-charge, any skin ailments. It helps to soothe the mind , body and the spirit, bringing abundance and equilibrium to the total being. It is an ancient old remedy which uses pure organic essential oils distilled from plants, flowers and herbs that work into our blood barrier system, and healing takes place where it is required. An amazing treatment if one wants to keep in optimum health.

This 1 hour 15 minute treatment is pure bliss for someone who loves having their feet manipulated, and would like to harmonize their well-being through the feet. Since the feet have walked on this earth for many centuries and takes a toll daily, due to standing, exercising, jumping and of course walking. Why not come and have a clinical Reflexology session, whereby after the treatment a foot chart is made to show where the energy is stagnated and how the chart changes and how quick the recovery period is for most ailments.

JIN SHIN JYUTSU® 700 AED Per Session
This 1 hour session is magical and profound. Jin Shin Jyutsu ® has been around for centuries. It is an ancient Japanese harmonizing art that can help one to surrender to the powers of the universe and just BE as they are meant to BE. This art involves the client to lie on a massage bed, and just relax while the practitioner works on the energy that flows through certain pathways in the body. Most people go into a very deep state of relaxation. Self-help tools are given after the session so the client can work on themselves and continue with clearing stagnation and thus improving their health and well being.

manual lymphatic massage
This complete detox session is excellent for anyone retaining water, suffering from regular edema and any form of swelling in the body. A full lifestyle consultation is taken prior to the treatment to make sure there are no contraindications. If the client wishes, the therapist can utilize pure organic essential oils during the drainage as this helps to clean the body of unwanted toxins, reduce cellulite and keep the body in proper equilibrium. This is not really a massage but more on the clinical side of working very precisely with the Lymphatic system, very gentle pumping and draining movements are utilized during the session. The client will feel a subtle release after the session and feel much lighter. This treatment also helps to boost the immune system as well, at the same time. A great treatment for anyone going through a detox program or is retaining too much water in their system.

REGRESSION 1200 AED Per Session
This 1.5 hour session is for a person who keeps repeating patterns in their lives, have too much fear, uncertainty for the future, grief and sadness, lack of confidence and so much more. These sessions are targeted for anyone who would like to receive clarity and direction in their life and to move forward towards their goals. Using the amazing art of Kinesiology, Time-Line Therapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy (Dr. Brian Weiss Technique) one can get a very clear picture of the direction they need to follow. A very powerful and interactive session.