Salim a 4 year old boy entered my clinic with his mom to have a chat with me in regard to having some Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions.  His mother wanted to know if this art can help her son who was born with Cerebral Palsy.  Well first of all I could not converse much to the mother as her son was jumping all over the clinic and creating quite a stir with his tantrums.  Quickly his helper took him inside one of the rooms and gave him a bottle of milk so I could understand what happened to this little boy.He was born 28 weeks premature in Dubai and was pretty much in neonatal care until he was strong enough to go home.  His mum explained the whole ordeal of what she had to deal with and what treatments he had to undergo to help his mobility and speech and so much more.  Obviously the mother was very distressed and emotional as she explained the full history of her son’s condition and was reaching the dire end of wanting help in treating him to at least be more calm as he was extremely hyperactive.

This was quite a challenging case for me as I have not treated that many children of this age bracket with Aromatherapy  and Jin Shin Jyutsu, but looking at the mom and her eagerness, I went inside the room where he had already finished his milk and was jumping up and down the treatment bed screaming. I tried very hard to calm him down and obviously he thought I was a doctor and got more frantic.  Finally after taking out some toys and books for him he laid down on the bed, at which point I quickly placed  my hands on him and started  a Jin Shin Jyutsu session.  To my amazement and the moms he just laid there quietly playing with his stuffed toys and the helper was reading him a story. I felt this immense surge of energy and love from this little soul, that my eyes welled up in tears. The connection was unreal and the energy was moving slowly but surely.  After the short session I did a short massage session using essential oils, which have a calming effect and worked on his back and legs.  Everyone loves receiving massage and this 4 year boy certainly enjoyed it thoroughly.

To cut a long story short I worked with Salim for 4 years three times a week offering Aromatherapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu. He became calm, quiet, his mobility became better, his posture straightened. He would speak few words, understand color, stories and rhymes and kept improving.  From a 4 year old hyperactive child he became peaceful, showed a lot of love, emotion and kindness.  I am so grateful that I had a chance to work with him as he did teach me a lot about myself and my work.