Did you know that using essential oils on a day to day basis increases your immune system to function better. Who would not want to make sure that their bodies are functioning at their optimal level and in complete harmony with all the other systems.In the world we live in today stress has become the number one killer and the cause of so many diseases. Time is escalating and going by so fast that what we would think were months before is a week and a week has become a day. That is so with the energy of the universe at this time and we all have to go with the flow.  However why not go with the flow with good health and happiness along the way.

Essential oils work in a miraculous way, once absorbed by the body either through inhalation, bath or massage, they enter the blood stream and will attached itself to cells and travel to the target organs where they will do their magic.  It may be to just use them, as a preventative method to avoid getting ill, or to treat certain conditions. The list of benefits with essential oils are endless, it can treat the unborn to the very old and can tackle almost all conditions.

With the summer fast approaching and weather changing, a lot of people are catching colds, flu, viruses and much more.  Using essential oils can truly help to ward off these common conditions.  Hence treat yourselves and your children and family members, especially when the sun is so strong and heat strokes are the norm in this country.  Using pure organic essential oils are really the key to avoiding all these conditions.

It is not difficult to use and once done correctly you can treat many ailments in your household with just 8 to 10 essential oils. That is the reason for April I am offering a 30% off on pure organic essential oils and base oils and am happy to help anyone who has any conditions to email me for recipes and I will send you the blend and dosage as per age of the person seeking help.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and honestly for me I just want to give back to society and my clients and students so take this opportunity to stock up on these precious oils.

Sunita Teckchand
Principal Tutor
Integrated Holistic Therapist