Happy October everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather that is just starting in Dubai. The evenings are cooler and fresh.

Presently I am in Paris enjoying the lovely workshop with three amazing instructors Muriel, Nathalie and Michael teaching a lovely 3 day Special Topic class, followed by a one day self-help class and a day to celebrate Mary Burmeister’s 100th Birthday. Compared to my last newsletter where I spoke about loosing my mother in law and my mum having to be in hospital undergoing two big surgeries. I would like to touch on LIVING this time, after all Jin Shin Jyutsu is known to BE “The Art of Living” and the ‘Art of Being’ present in today’s world in today’s life that we have created for ourselves.

With so many upheavals in the world today, with the super typhoons and disasters one wonders about how long we actually have on this planet. So I am actually sitting in Paris now looking out my window at the beautiful sun shining and clear skies and thanking God on allowing me to live to the present moment that I have reached today and allowing me to continue in my passion in the art of healing and touching people’s lives.

A friend sent me this beautiful quote, ‘Your diet is not only what you eat. It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang out with and the things you subject your mind and soul to. Always be mindful of the things you put in your body emotionally, spiritually and physically”.

On that note I send you all love and kindness and tons of healing…

Sunita Teckchand
Integrated Holistic Therapist
Principal Tutor
External Examiner – IFPA     

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