Hi Everyone and welcome to mid-September where things are probably now running smoothly and we are all getting back into routine of work, schools and so much more.  The weather is also changing specially in the evenings it is more pleasant and not too bad to sit outdoors with the fan on…

I have had the privilege to meet a lot of new people with my special offer for September of AED500.00 for ALL treatments and I am so happy to get acquainted with them. Dubai really is quite an amazing city filled with different nationalities, and everyone living in harmony and going about doing their own thing. I love this as I too get to see different people, understand different cultures and make more friends…   I guess our time clock is ticking away faster than before as I can feel the energy of the universe has quickened as well. Look at the super typhoons that are causing such devastation in North Carolina and Hong Kong, Florence… and I do not think they intend to calm down, they seem to be growing in size and force. We can only pray that everyone stays safe and out of harms way when they strike.

For October I am offering a sale on ‘eSSensuals™’ brand organic essential oils and Base oils at a 20% discount, so do use this time to stock up on your precious oils.  I would also like to share my experience about the oils with you. I have been using essential oils now for 22 years and the more I use it the more amazed I get at the rate it works, not only on myself but with my clients.  I urge you all to give Clinical Aromatherapy a try and even use it with conventional traditional medicine as it works miraculously in all aspects of life. We have treated so many ailments with the use of natures pharmacy and I also feel more and more people are inclined to use them but do not have the confidence on how to blend or dilute it.  Well I am always happy to help, please feel free to drop me an email if you are looking to create something that could help either yourself or a family member or friend with a short case history and what medication they take and I will do my best to offer some recipes that could support that condition absolutely free.

The IFPA Clinical Aromatherapy course is on-going and if anyone is interested to learn this as a career or a side business, please get in touch with me for more details and a meet up.  I wish you all well for the rest of September enjoy, stay safe and keep smiling…

Sunita Teckchand
Integrated Holistic Therapist
Principal Tutor
External Examiner – IFPA     

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